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New: Stove INVICTA IWAKI 3 glasspanes


We are happy to present a new stove with three glasspanes. The stove Invicta Iwaki in a 3-glasspane version was developed on the basis of the stove Iwaki ref. 6105-44. The stove of 7 kW nominal power and 78% efficiency can be loaded with logs of up to 34 cm. The fume exit nozzle of 150mm can be placed in either the upper or back part of the stove.

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Corner fireplace inserts Uniflam Evo 760


The continuously developed steel-fireclay fireplace line Uniflam EVO has been enriched with two appliances with a corner, L-shaped glass.

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International Fireplace Fair KOMINKI 2016


From 2nd till 5th February We had been presenting our products on the International Trade Fair in Poznań KOMINKI 2016. The Fair was a great opportunity to establish new contacts and refresh the current ones. It was a pleasure to receive Your feedback on our new offer.

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International Fireplace Fair „Kominki” 2-5 February 2016


We would like to invite You for the International Fireplace Fair „Kominki”, which will take place on 2-5 February 2016. Our offer will be presented in the exhibition hall 5A stand 36. See You in Poznan!

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Fireplace inserts UNIFLAM EVO


We are happy to present our new product line – UNIFLAM EVO, which is a fireplace insert made of steel with a shamotte combustion chamber. These fireplaces were designed in order to respond to the demands of our customers regarding cosntruction of the insert as well as the care for every detail. The product line UNIFLAM EVO is made of high quality steel and shamotte manufactured by the well-know austrian company RATH. The innovative system of heat exchangers and vermiculite defletors allows to achieve a high combustion efficiency of 80-82%.

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New pellet and wood-burning stoves


We are happy to introduce new products in our offer. Among the new products, there are pellet, wood and mix (using both – wood and pellet) stoves.

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We are happy to inform that We have introduced a new line of Uniflam. The fireplace inserts Uniflam PLUS have a cast iron facade with a black-trimmed glass. The inserts are equipped with a dampening clap and direct air supply. The large glass pane ensures a brighter vision of fire in comparison with the classic Uniflam inserts.

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Accesories for the insert Uniflam W720 Prestige watercoated


We are happy to present the accessories for the Uniflam W720 Prestige with a watercoat. The dedicated stand will make the positioning, connecting and installing of the water system easier.

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Insert UNIFLAM W720 PRESTIGE watercoate ref. 859-710


We are happy to present the new insert from the UNIFLAM PRESTIGE series. The insert is equipped with a water Exchange. The insert W720 is based on a steel body with the combustion chamber beeing laid out with chammotte. Thanks to its special system of the water pipe-exchangers and the deflector the insert achieves a high efficiency and low fume emission.

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New in our offer – inox frames for Uniflam inserts


We are happy to present decorative frames made of polished stainless steel. Its construction allows a quick and easy installation. The frame composes itself ideally with the Uniflam Prestige inserts thanks to the handle and stainless steel elements.

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Uniflam closed at Saturdays


We would like to inform that Uniflam will be closed on Saturdays starting on January 11th. Our opening hours during the week remain unchanged (Mon-Fri 8.00-16.00).

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We are happy to inform that our Prestige line has been expanded with a new model. The new UNIFLAM 720 PRESTIGE has a nominal power of 12 kW and an efficiency of 70%. The insert is equipped with a direct air supply regulation. The air supply can be connected using either a flexible duct of 100mm diameter or a rectangular duct of 150x50mm dimensions. The damper clap allows to regulate the chimney draught and therefore the combustion rate.

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New mobile number


We would like to inform, that our mobile phone number will be changed on 24.10.2013. The new number will be +48 660-621-347. Our stationary telephone number wil not be changed.

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New inserts in our offer


We are happy to inform that our offer has been widened with new models. The Uniflam Series now include Uniflam 600 inserts with a direct air supply system. Moreover, some Laudel inserts are now equipped with features such as damper, as well as direct air supply and secondary combustion systems.

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Offer 2013


We encourage You to get familiar with our new offer. New pricelists for Uniflam, Laudel and Invicta products come into force from 4th march 2013.

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Insert UNIFLAM 850 PRESTIGE SELENIC with clap, air supply


We are pleased to present our first model of the new Uniflam Prestige series. This model places itself in the current trends regarding design and functionality.

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New UNIFLAM inserts with direct air supply


We are happy to inform that our UNIFLAM series have been widened with further models equipped with an direct air supply system. The new models are UNIFLAM 700 KASETA PL, UNIFLAM 700, UNIFLAM 700 OPTIMA, UNIFLAM 700 LUX, UNIFLAM 700 PANORAMA. Models without air supply will still be available in sale.

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New forwarding agent


We inform that from the 2nd of January 2012, UNIFLAM change the forwarding agent. A whole transport service will assure DB SCHENKER company. At the same time we inform that the previous delivery conditions won’t change.

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New accessories in our offer


Please be informed about expending our offer with new fireplace accessories and Bertrams chimney connections. In addition to the previously available platform base for 700mm inserts, fireplace grill and cast iron baffle our offer includes...

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Amber Collection


We wish to introduce our new offer, developed in the new catalogue edition. New form of the catalogue, apart from  technical products’ information includes several proposals of the interior design using our heating appliances.

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News - Uniflam 700 Option - with a clap


The series of sturdy and checked fireplace inserts Uniflam 700 expended with a new model of Uniflam 700 Option with a clap ref. 601-775. The  insert has 12 kilowatt nominal power and very good efficiency of 75%.

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Laudel silver inserts


The hitherto additional option of silver lists in the Laudel fireplace inserts has been changed into the possibility of ordering the ready-made fireplace insert with such lists.

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Uniflam gets prestige business award "Business Gazelle 2010"


Uniflam was awarded with an prestige business award "Business Gazelle". This award is granted to comapnies which achieve very good financial results, develop in a dynamic way and are reliable business partners.

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NEW - UNIFALM decor 800 Cadre


UNIFLAM 800 decor Cadre. It is a Insert with extraordinary look, it has beautiful iron façade which can be a deco rational part of hall fireplace. Insert is available for sale In Uniflam end we encourage you to acquaint with full specification of that insert.

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Base for Uniflam 700 insert


Uniflam is marketing into its offer a foundation under the inserts marked  Uniflam 700. Its height can be regulated from 30 up to 50 cm. The latest foundation is particularly recommended for the inserts with a direct transportation of combustion air.

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NEW - UNIFLAM 700 Selenic with air supply


We would like to inform you that we have enriched our offer with UNIFLAM inserts with a direct air supply from outside. Therefore, each insert is now being delivered with a special moulder which has to be attached to the insert.

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The Acanthus Aureus Price for best trade stand awarded to UNIFLAM


It is our great satisfaction to inform you that our company’s trade stand at the International Fair KOMINKI 2010 in Poznań was awarded an Acanthus Aureus Price. This price is granted for the best reflection of the company’s marketing strategies in a trade exposition.

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